She was an intelligent woman who would discuss political issues of the day with him, and he found her to be inspiring.

Dora Maar au Chat captures her in a near full-length portrait, with a cat sat close-by. The use of colour in this artwork is one of the reasons for the artist's enjoyment of the finished piece.

It captured some of his feelings towards this woman and offered others an insight into their relationship.

The cat featured here is probably a symbol of the feminine sexual values of his mistress and speaks directly to the viewer about the main focal point of this portrait.

Several items which were characteristic of the woman are to be found carefully added to this canvas, such as her hat for which she was roundly remembered for regularly wearing.

This was a truly personal artwork which helped it to command such a huge price at sale in 2006, making it one of the most expensive art purchases in history.

The feline theme continued with Cat and Cat and Bird.