It was this talent, in fact, that highlighted his abilities to his Father from a very young age, and was one of the reasons that his Father enrolled him into art school at the age of sixteen. Many historians speculate that Picasso had started sketching around the age of 3. Self Portrait Sketch - Pablo Picasso's self portrait sketch captures his facial features in a lot more of a detailed and traditional way than his cubist paintings that came later tend to do to his subjects. Picasso completed a number of self portraits in his time, but his sketch self portraits seem to be the most honest.

They portray his vulnerability and give him a chance to show himself rather candidly, instead of being able to hide his features behind and artistic style. This image of Picasso is slightly different to the ones we are used to seeing in the media. It shows him during a younger period of his life, and manages to portray his strength and good looks. Many people will have heard of Picasso. He is one of the rare artists who have managed to cross over from being famous in the art world to being famous in the normal world also. He is credited with being one of the founders of the cubist movement. Many people will be aware of his work - specifically his famous paintings during his 'blue period'. He let his life greatly affect and influence his work, and he made many paintings of his wives and lovers.