A visit to a pottery exhibition in 1946 gave inspiration to Picasso for this art medium. Ceramics then started to become a significant part of his work, offering three dimensional opportunities for his creativity, as sculpture had also done.

An early relationship for Picasso proved very fruitful when ceramic specialists, Suzanne and Georges RamiƩ, were persuaded to offer open their considerable production resources to him. In return, they would take some commission on work that he produced.

The benefits of this connection to Picasso went far beyond the use of the studio - they had untold experience in this medium which would help him to find new avenues for his ideas, and they also held valuable connections which could further promote his career.

Clay items continued with mythological themes and pottery was seen by Picasso as a calming pastime. Animal shapes, such as owls and fishes plus face motifs appear over and over from his ceramics of this period.

A chance meeting with Jacqueline Roque from the factory was also an important moment, the couple later marrying in 1961.