The Acrobat provides a surrealist portrait whilst still maintaining a reasonable level of the original human form. Artist Picasso chose here to contrast the person against a dark background, leaving a very simplistic approach which is instantly recognisable. One interesting aspect of this painting is the way in which the Acrobat is free to contort into whichever shape he wishes, though at the same time is perfectly restrained into the overall boundaries of the art work itself. The Acrobat has several related artworks in the career of Picasso, with different subjects but a very similar style. For example, check out The Minotaur and Swimmer to see other ways in which the artist used this method of surrealist portraiture. Both of these were completed around the same time, underlining Picasso's desire to test out this method in all manner of ways.

The Apocalypse of Saint-Sever features several similar drawings too, and Picasso also went on to produce Female Acrobat at a later date. Simply click on the photograph of the Acrobat painting to find places to order your own copy, and this print is ideal for modern homes with it's minimalistic style and abstract form of the Acrobat. Owl, Dog and this painting are amongst the most popular with current Picasso fans. offer this painting as an art print, with plenty of options available to match almost any different taste. There are different frames to finish your print off with a more professional touch, as well as inlay cards to help this fine painting stand out as well as possible.

The style of this work for 1930 was distincty creative and modern, challenging the more traditional art movements which had gone before the likes of Picasso, Kandinsky, Rothko, Miro, Paul Klee and Klimt. It was the 20th century where these artists rose to produce new ideas within the art world. You will find many more paintings worth checking out from this artist, just use the paintings dropdown from the main menu to see more of the available art works. This particular painting is currently the most popular of all Picasso's work as a reproduction print or poster.