Penguin, Le Pingouin, was a serigraph completed by Picasso in 1907. It is one of a series of animal paintings, covering all manner of creatures such as camels, dogs, cats and bulls.

There is minimal information on this drawing but a clear comparison can be made with one particular Owl serigraph.

Both of these use abstract lines, kept to an absolute minimum, as well as similar shapes to produce the respective birds.

Animals were a passion of Picasso's for many years but most existing information on the artworks in which they are involved tend to be around animals that he himself kept in his home at various points. Lump the Dog, for example is a frequent topic and held a close bond with the artist. There was also an Owl who Picasso cared back to health.

Where the inspiration came from for Le Pingouin, it is not entirely clear. However, this is a bird which most find charming and it's character suits Picasso's abstract work of the early 20th century particularly well.