Maya was Pablo Picasso's daughter and she was portrayed by her father in this painting whilst holding one of her dolls.

Portrait of Maya with her Doll serves as an interesting insight into the personal life of this world famous Spanish artist and it came about in 1938.

Pablo Picasso decided in this painting to make the Doll appear as she would in real life, and give a Surrealist effect to his own Daughter, which he may have found an amusing decision at the time. He was an artist who liked to experiment and take unusual routes in his work.

You will notice that Pyramidal layout is used by the artist in this painting, which is a common method of laying out the key focal point and has been used for many centuries across different movements.

Behind the focal point, the artist chooses a very simplistic background to avoid distracting the eye from what was most important.

There are some who believe that the Doll shown here is actually linked to Picasso himself and perhaps wears clothes which the artist would have worn in his childhood.

This painting was actually stolen along with Jacqueline in 2007 but thankfully both were recovered undamaged later that year after an extensive investigation by French officials.

Maya has been described by some as Surrealist and others as specifically Cubist, and the truth is that this painting holds elements of both styles as well as Picasso's own particular creativity.

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Portrait of Maya with her Doll is a surrealist art work, and this was one movement in which Picasso was heavily involved throughout his career. Cubism is one of the other notable movements in which he contributed significant numbers of work too.

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Surrealist art has built up a large fanbase over the past century thanks to paintings such as that included here. Salvador Dali was another artist who helped to push this movement forward with a greater momentum and academic acceptance.

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