It depicts a time 2 a.m. in the skies of Paris opened over Claude Lantier, the talented painter, but impatient runs through the rain only to arrive at his studio and find a young woman sheltering from the storm. As the downpour wears off and the woman lying in bed, the painter sleeps on the couch only to wake up and find the woman still asleep covered a little by a glare of some sunlight. This inspires him to sketch the un-agreeable status quo in silence and keenly until she woke up only to find him doing the sketching. Two portraits among other things in the room can be seen, including a guitar that hangs on the wall waiting to be played.

Additionally, the central small window forms the disparity between a dazzling exterior that is as natural as it can be with an abundance of linear decorations etched into the floor and walls with the handle of a brush, ultimately the room reflect a visually dynamic portrait that boasts shining green and yellows touch to the outside. Nevertheless, when asked to explain in detail the meaning of every detail, Pablo indicated it is not up to the painter to do that.

Pablo Picasso has done many other related works, including the accordionist (depicting a man playing accordion in the embrace of the cubism style), others related artworks were, sleeping peasants, the acrobat, asleep, Avignon, bathers, blue nude, boy leading a horse, Don Quixote, Figures at the Seaside, Harlequin, Massacre in Korea, seated Bather, Lying Female nude, Two Nude, The Dream and so much more.

Similar works by Related Artists - Cézanne the Dutch master in an accompanying reflection of the Artist’s studio where strange things happen, drew the famous associated artwork to Pablo Picasso’s Artist's Studio, The Jewish Bride about 1665, the Odalisque painting by Matisse, Picasso’s Meninas by Richard Hamilton (1973), Pembroke Studio by David Hockney (1984), When I woke up in the morning the feeling was still there by Angus Fairhurst (1997), Decomposing by Alan Beeton (1929) among others.