Picasso's one-liners are a small but fantastical contribution to the artist's great body of drawings.

Picasso's single line drawings were created later in his career, after the surrealism period. The single line pieces are from a collection of over fifty works in which his drawing implement was not lifted from the paper until the masterpiece was finished.

Picasso created his single line drawings using a variety of media, including pencil, pen, ink and brush. His single line drawing subjects included musicians, harlequins, nature and animals.

Pablo Picasso's inspiration for his single line drawings came from primitive art. Many of Picasso's single line drawings were of animals, he had a great love for animals and had many pets during his lifetime, they were often the subjects of his art, especially featuring in his line drawings.

The bold, continual line in The Butterfly signifies freedom, it's almost as if the butterfly will flap it's wings and fly right off the paper. The single line style of the butterfly denotes nature stripped back to it's essence. The simplicity of the drawing gives a feeling of power and energy much like the symbolism of the butterfly itself.

The minimalist colours and style of The Butterfly seems to be well ahead of it's time and has a very contemporary and modern feel.

Other popular works in the single line collection include beautiful and striking drawings such as The Owl, The Dog, The Camel, Dove with Flowers and Face of Peace.

Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973) was an extremely famous Spanish artist. He was very versatile artist who is said to have created over 50,000 artistic pieces during his lifetime spanning many artistic movements over the decades.

Picasso's artistic development began very early in his life, most likely inspired by his father who was a painter himself.

So talented was Picasso that his works included many mediums including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings, prints and even tapestries and rugs. Picasso's works are frequently categorised into periods as there is so many in quantity and variety.

From the moody Blue Period to the Cubism and Surrealism periods, his artistic accomplishments are so varied and memorable that Picasso became one of the most popular and well known creators in 20th century art.