He is the most studied painter whose work got categorised to his critical periods in his career. Pablo was born in the year 1881 in Spain, and later, in 1895, he attended the Barcelona School of Fine Arts. Throughout his career, he went through various periods. His most distinct style happened at his Blue Period. It is at the moment when he painted by use of the palette of blues and greys.

Lying Female Nude II - It is one of the great mastery artwork that Pablo did. The nude theme dominated Pablo's work in the mid-1960s. The female nude depicts a female lying on the couch with a tilted body and arms raised. It gives the spectator an uninterrupted view of the torso. It recalls the artwork that was done by Goya known as Naked Maja. The original art depicts the gaze out towards the viewer. But Pablo focused on making the model looks downwards. Picasso was able to bring the past and present and articulated out creation and spectatorship. His work is always excellent and worth your time. Apart from Lying Female Nude II, he has done other great artwork like:

Dora Maar Au Chat - The painting was done in the year 1941. It is one of his adored and valued work due to its depiction of both art and love. It is mostly acknowledged due to its brilliant colours and the patterning mastery. It also shows the beauty in his paintings and show of the model dress.

Asleep - In this great piece of artwork, it depicts the model being Marie-Therese Walter. The painting was done in 1932 where you see her body resting between two beautiful and polarised colour of green and red. It brings a combination of ugliness and beauty, which is another theme that has continually made Pablo a great and a unique artist. Pablo's artwork has been unmatched, and he managed to be a legend in the 20th century. He believed in creativity which makes him be an outstanding artist.