It got created in 1933, but the original etch come from the edition of 260. If you have ever seen this mastery work, then you would realise it has a deep impression that has strong plate mark endowed with excellent condition. It depicts a man raising the glass to his minotaur companion. The man is seen to be in a jovial gesture with three beautiful women and fawning over them. The two figures appear at the height of happiness depicting the luxurious moment of carefree pleasure. The overall scenario looks to be a happy and celebration moments, but the subjects of this great art appear difficult to read. The subjects face off in different directions denying eye contact with the viewer and also with each other. Every figure seems to have been lost in the dark seas of thoughts. Pablo captured this art brilliantly with the sense of personal reflection displaying his mastery and also creating an emotional path within his great work.

Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust - This amazing artwork was done in the early months of 1932. The model is Marie-Theresa Walter. It depicts a nude female gazing upwards to green leaves. The bust looks towards the viewer who gets a good view. The painting broke the world record by getting sold at $106.5, in the year 2010.

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon - The painting was done in 1907 and referred to as the most innovative artwork. Pablo ensured that every part of his work could take the world revolve. The contortion and reductionism displayed in this painting were incredible, and the dislocation of the faces was impeccable.

Seated Woman - The model here is Marie-Theresa Walter again. It is the portrait of a seated woman. Pablo here is seen getting back to his polarisation of the grey and red colours. The innovation in this painting brings out the dimension of animation. Those are just but a few of the excellent artwork by the Spanish artist. His dedication to his work was incredible. Generations will study his mastery.