Picasso practiced his art through various different art periods such as the blue period and the rose period. Before stumbling on and perfecting cubism, he had produced art using several styles as well including realism and caricature. He is, however, most revered for the use of cubism. Although the mother and child piece of 1905 is not the only one of its kind, it is a much sought after piece like any other of his works. Picasso introduced the mother and child theme and worked with it for many years. He produced numerous pieces under the same name and many others yet under the name maternity. The mother and child 1905 resembles Picasso’s works of the blue period. The painting is mainly done in blue.

Although the piece is slightly out of this period that lasted between 1901 and 1904, it bears all the characteristics of his works during the period. Picasso produced numerous pieces depicting motherhood and the maternal experience. These art pieces put his name in history books as one artist who did not shy away from any topic. His use of art to demystify motherhood was a much welcome idea whose time had come.

In future works, Pablo changed the colours and the forms in his artwork, while still retaining the idea of mother and child. Such discrepancies are visible through comparing different pieces done at different times. For instance, the mother and child of 1921 bears a mixture of grey, brown, white and pink, unlike the 1905 piece which is mainly in different shades of blue. The human forms depicted in the later pieces like the 1921 piece are huge forms, unlike the 1905 piece which has normal human forms. The mother and child of 1905 opened up a new front for Picasso to explore, and he truly did not disappoint. It is a masterpiece that resulted in many other revolutionary pieces.