He was so involved in his works that he spent all his life drawing. He started painting at a very tender age learning a lot from his father who was an artist. In the late years of Pablo's life, he painted a lot of paintings. This shows how much he would miss painting. Who was Niko Pirosmani? - Niko Pirosmani was born into a very humble family in the Kakheti province and his parents were farmers. They also kept cows in their vineyard. After his parents died he was the sole provider and caretaker for his two sisters. A few years later he moved his sister to Tbilisi where he worked for rich people. During this time he learnt how to read and even write. He was a very talented artist who is among the few good artist who taught themselves how to write.

Why did Pablo Picasso paint Niko Pirosmani? - When Ilia Zdanevish discovered Niko Pirosmani he took his catalogue with him. It is said that when Ilia met Pablo and showed him Niko's work, Pablo was so intrigued that he went ahead and painted Niko Pirosmani. Niko Pirosmani's paintings were unique and seemed so passionate that is why Pablo Picasso was so interested in them. He is a good artist noticed how good the paintings were. Pablo spent most of his adult life in Paris and here he was always changing his style. His work is classified into three groups.

The blue period which had a lot of blue shades, a rose period where he spiced his art up with warm tones and bright colours. In the rose period, he even included some orange shades and roses into his paintings to make them warmer. The third period was influenced by the African styles and culture. Pablo did not limit his creativity to one style that is why when he painted the portrait of the Niko Pirosmani art lovers responded positively.