His paintings, drawings, and prints are categorized as the most influential works of art of the 20th century. One of such pieces recognized to date is the Pablo Picasso and Sebastian Junyer Vidal Arrives to Paris painting. The painting symbolizes when Pablo Picasso decided to move to France to grow his painting career. His friend Sebastian Junyer Vidal had accompanied him on the trip. These two individuals settled into a studio located at 13 Rue Ravignan. The site was immediacy nicknamed the Bateau Lavoirr because it bore a resemblance to a Seine laundry barge.

Pablo Picasso and Sebastia Junyer’s friendship thrived was depicted in several pieces of art in his collection. This one in particular features two gentlemen bearing travel bags and a woman on the background. At the far left background is an outline of the Eiffel tower. The painting was created in 1901, a period when he also engaged in the creation of somber paintings featuring shades of blue and blue-green. The art has the date engravings on the bottom right as well as a signing of his name ’Picasso’. Pablo created this painting through the expressionism style to depict symbolic stages of his life. It also immortalizes his friendship with Sebastia Junyer.

Since he was quite young when he created the painting, it has been categorized under his Early Years paintings. It came at a time just before he embarked on the Blue Period Series of paintings of 1901–1904. Other paintings established in the Early Years period by Pablo include The Picador 1890, House in the field 1893, Plaster male torso 1893, Bust of a young man 1895, and Academical Study 1895 among several others. Pablo Picasso very much appreciated the expressionism style as seen in myriads of paintings in the Early Years period. He would speak his life experiences and air out observations through intuitive paintings. This style has been adopted by modern artists today to express life in an artistic form.