There were various points in his life that Pablo took a considerable interest in dance and theatre, incorporating all manner of entertainers in his work.

When starting off as a budding artist, and with finances relatively tight, he would often find himself living alongside young dancers who were trying to make a similar impact as him.

The beauty and romance of dance has always appealed to famous painters and draughtsmen from across the board, covering the Renaissance all the way to modern art.

Some of the best known artists for this include Edgar Degas, a talented French painter on the fringes of the Impressionist movement. His particular passion was ballet and this suited his artistic style beautifully.

One of Picasso's biggest early commissions was from the Ballets Russes which strengthened his connection to stage and theatre and also forced him to spend time perfecting his portraits of the female anatomy. Some of this was achieved through multiple sketchworks in pen, with other oil paintings following on later.

Artist Picasso took a casual, relaxed approach to this particular painting which allowed him to draw on all of his creativity and flair. There was also the added inspiration of producing a portrait of his beloved son. This return to his roots of simplicity and flair reminds some of his line drawings.

Picasso would paint and draw many portraits of Paulo - in Pierrot costume, dressed as a bullfighter and sometimes just as himself, a child, playing. It was almost as if one today would take photos of their children, he would create artwork to remember times in their lives together. Such personal scenes offer a beautiful and personal insight into the life of his famous father, Pablo.