The portrait of Pierre-Auguste Renoir is one such art with a historical impression.

Auguste Renoir is a renowned French painter and draftsman who lived between 1841 and 1919. Renoir was a member of the Impressionism movement and also ventured in Renaissance painting.

Renoir pioneered the Impressionist style in the 1860s, which inspired modern art. His camera-like image prowess made him excel in family pictures, fashion and Parisian styles.

Renoir might be a great model to Pablo because the paintings of the duo compare to a great extent. Pablo’s works give a vivid impression of the real object or phenomena presented.

The depiction of Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The portrait of Pierre-Auguste Renoir is a clear image of this great artist of the 19th century. The picture is proportional and an actual display of Renoir’s countenance.

The painting captures Renoir’s looks in his old days as indicated by beards, the eyes and the wrinkled face. Renoir is in a thick coat and his favourite cap.

This is perhaps the time in his life when he had arthritis and still passionately painted with the necessary aid. The background features faint brown and faded cream colours. The artist uses black lines to define the demarcation and shapes in this painting.

The body parts and the clothes are distinguished clearly in the drawing expressing keen mental observation by the artist. Renoir is sitting on a chair in a comfortable posture.

The portrait is in a front view with more attention on the left-hand side of the body where the arm and the wrist are covered by the coat, and the hand exposed supported by the chair.

Renoir is bending towards the right side of the seat and the lower part of the body comprising of the thigh and the knees in his clothing captured. The painting gives a good visual impression to the viewer that helps identify with the character Renoir posthumously. The picture also gives an idea of the ancient style of dressing.

Similar drawings by Pablo Picasso include A Parody of Man, Nude with Picasso and A horsewoman. Similar works have been done by Georges Braque, Julio Gonzalez and Van Gogh.