The painting is straightforward and exceptionally beautiful. It is an oil in painting work that shows two young men reading a letter.

The young men have a sad face and one is leaning on the other. The two well-dressed men seem to have oversized hands.

The mysterious painting of the young men was very controversial, especially among viewers. People often wonder if the men are sad or just concentrated on reading the letter.

The painting evokes different feelings in different people which are what good art does. Some people have even named this as their favourite among Picasso.

Also, a person viewing the painting can think the young men are brothers. During the time the painting was made, people used letters to announce updates from family and friends.

They would send news on births, deaths, marriages and other important occasions. The two young men could either be reading good news and are so invested in the details or bad news. Most people think it is bad news because one man has his hand on the other as if comforting him.

The painting is located in France where he spent most of his adult life some of Pablo's work are there as well. Pablo Picasso is known for his painting style that was very unique but his 'reading the letter' proves that he could also be traditional. He started painting at a very young age and his father was his teacher.

His father saw the potential his son had and was ready to support him. As he grew older, his work became more popular and he used his personal experiences such as his sister's death to express himself. In his lifetime he is said to have made 13000 paintings, 130000 illustrations and so much artwork. This painting was previously unknown until after his death.

The conspiracy theories on this very interesting painting are so many. Some art critics have said that it could be from a lover who is no longer interested.

Others have noticed that the men have removed their hats which are a sign of respect. The removal of hats has remained a sign of respect even to date especially in respect of a dead loved one. One man is seen holding his hat and the other one has his place on the floor near him. This can be the reason people think they are reading bad news.

Others have said that the two men are Pablo and a friend of his reading a letter from a friend lost in the war.

Pablo Picasso is known as one the most significant artists of the 20th century. He was among the founders of the cubism movement. According to Pablo's mother, his first word was 'piz' which is Spanish short form of a pencil.

His work became so popular among people and art critics who could get enough of Pablo's views. He has not tired a specific style of painting that is why his painting had a huge range of style and colours.

His style evolved and had tree periods. The blue period which he used different shades of blue, brighter the rose period with brighter colours and the African period.

The painting of the three musicians which are considered on of the brighters works done by pablo. It depicts three musicans standing side by side in cubist design. He was very experiemental and the 'reading the letter' was not any different.