Many might think that it easy to make such an image within no time. However, the secret lies in using such a simple style to bring out so much, a feat which is much harder to achieve.

In the end, it brings out Picasso’s unique talent in art and ability to capture the energy of life in a seemingly effortless way.

Most of the prints taking after the style of Sparrow involve animals. They include Le Flamand Rose (The Flamingo), Le Pingouin (The Penguin), Le Petit Cochon (The Little Pig), Le Cheval (The Horse), Le Chameau (The Camel) and Le Hibou (The Owl) as well as Le Chien (The Dog).

All of them are amazing works of silkscreen print done on heavy-weight paper with many consisting of single continuous lines simply done but revealing a powerful side of art that never existed until Picasso’s entrance.

Done in the artist’s later years, the making of this type of art was influenced by early 20th century’s primitive art.

Picasso is one of the most prolific artists who ever walked the earth, and although he was a gifted printmaker and sculptor, he saw himself as a painter first.

Among his most influential paintings is Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, which was completed at the same time as Sparrow. The fact that it is a depiction of nude women is not entirely uncommon since many artists have taken that road.

However, the women are painted as prostitutes in sexual postures which were aggressive enough to shock even his peers. Considered pre-cubist, the painting was brought to public exhibition in 1916 and was thought to be immoral.

Pablo Picasso left the world with a huge collection of art and a great reason to remember him. Many would have thought that the more complex and colourful works of art were enough to win him a place in the art hall of fame.

However, his simple line prints did more than that: they made him unique among the art heavyweights of his time. While seeming to be simply created, Sparrow remains one of the most powerful means of expression used by the artist.

A Spanish printmaker, a painter, and a sculptor, Pablo Picasso remains one of the most popular and influential artists of his time. He is remembered for introducing collage and pioneering Cubism as well as making major contributions to Surrealism and Symbolism. Among his thousands of works is Sparrow, one of his creations most credited for helping him stand out from a group of many great artists of his time.

Picasso was a lover of animals. He kept many types of animals all his years, and they claimed a huge part of his personal and professional life. He created many prints depicting different animals, which apart from the sparrow (completed in 1907) included the penguin, the owl, and the dog.