Artists are very different and have different views on their work as for Pablo, he viewed himself as a painter. He was bold and determined to explore artistic areas that artist was not so willing to try such as ceramics. He learnt a lot from his father who was a painter and from the schools he attended. At the tender age of 11, Pablo was already studying art. His father gave him the best education that they could afford. Some Printing from his early years still exists up to date.

He had many relationships with women and this was also seen in his art such as the standing female nude. He was influenced by African sculptures, the novelties of Cezanne and ancient Iberian art. He focused on figures, shape and form. This specific piece of art has structure shape put to thought. The work gained popularity and became a huge cubist movement which played a huge role in the shaping of modern art. Pablo Picasso did not want his work to be labelled as cubism. He felt that the critics were missing the point when it came to his art style and feel. The standing female nude painting was not only made of arms and legs signs, but also the letters of the alphabet which is a genius. This is why he felt they didn't understand his view on analytics and synthetics. He always made an effort to sign his paintings on the front. Unless they would mess up the drawings then he would sign the back.

Most of his drawings are made by just a single chalk line and even pencil. Very many people have tried to recreate his work but the original is impeccable and still so unique. Most of his work is displayed in the Museum of Modern Art New York City also known as the house that Pablo built. Some of his paintings achieved the iconic status and remained very helpful to artists. Some of his drawings especially the ones with naked women such as the standing female nude were shocking even to his close friends and colleagues. There were no boundaries for Pablo when it came to being creative.