In Studio at La Californie, Picasso references several key works from art history. He is known to have followed the works of the likes of Matisse, Braque, Courbet and Velazquez - there are elements of their work in this painting. The composition points to Velazquez's Las Meninas, with the artist also having produced his own version of it elsewhere. The colour and setting speaks of Matisse influence, his close friend who also can be seen in The Bay at Cannes, and many others. Indeed, La Californie is a spot close to Cannes, and it was his time here which brought great colour into his work. The colour scheme used in parts of the interior are believed to have been taken from Braque's own studio. For an artist to take ideas from so many avenues in one painting is unusual.

Finally, Gustave Courbet is represented by a blank canvas sitting within The Studio at La Californie, although that reference may actually have just been a coincidence.