Many people have tried to recreate some of his famous works because of how amazing it is. He started his career as a painter at a very young age learning a lot from his father who was an artist. His father rented him a small house near their main home where he would work alone. He would check up on him regularly and criticise his art. Pablo made very controversial paintings but people love them. The woman's profile was not the first painting of a woman that he had. He was also known for his very talked about pictures of naked women. This painting was received very differently by people especially critics. It is a portrait of a young woman who is very beautiful. Pablo Picasso enhances her features by adding colour and texture into her hair. His use of warm colours was a stage in his art where he used bold and bright colours to paint.

Pablo's work was and is still praised up to date, years after he died. Picasso's influence was seen in other artist painting. He had played a huge role in the establishment of Cubism. The problems he faced during his career and the approaches he took were very educative to artists. Pablo was very expressive and his relationship with women was known. He had many women in his life and it was portrayed in his art. He allowed his imagination to run free and that is why his art looks so effortless. He took the time to bring out what he had in mind when painting the Woman's profile. A keen viewer will see and feel the concentration and thought put into the painting as if it was personal.His paintings are still favourites among art collectors and are displayed in different museums.