Unlike the Dog, Owl, camel as well as the dove sketches just to mention a few of his work the cat sketch was more intricate in detail. The single lines technique is used however in a manner that is more of a scribble unlike the single line immaculate animal sketches. The lines a rugged and centred to create depth of the sketch.

Additionally, Pablo uses shades on areas around the neck, nose as well as the ears of the cat a factor that is not in other sketches. One might argue that the ostrich painting also uses the shading techniques; nonetheless, a look at the two images will show you that the shades in the cat sketch are only but artistic enhancement of the minimalist drawing of the cat unlike the ostrich, which is a reverse with the shades being the centrepiece of the drawing.

The cat sketch has more life to it unlike the other animal drawings though it uses a similar simplistic line drawing technique. The cat is a paradigm shift in Picasso’s drawing technique or presentation.

It is a mixture of a painting by the use of shading as well as drawing using the simple line technique. Additionally, Picasso was always for his virtuoso in presenting his art and through the cat sketch is identified as a simplistic drawing it had a less clean look that is neither drawing nor painting.

An example is the wavy line drawn at the back of the cats neck is a detailing that is not represented in any other of Picasso’s drawings.

The butterfly drawing may be considered to be as detailed as the cat sketch; nonetheless, that piece used colour to show depth.

In summary, ‘Le Chat’ was a unique view of how the great Pablo Picasso grew as an artist making him one of the most inspirational illustrators of simplistic of how ‘art is a lie that makes us realize the truth’.

Picasso was a prolific artist who liked to display his unique talents in all manner of mediums throughout his illustrious career.

Nonetheless, his true genius was more appreciated through his drawings where he used a simple single line to present a piece that in a simplistic manner stood out. His minimalist approach in his animal sketches is yet to be replicated by artists to this day.

Nonetheless, of all his animal drawings his cat sketch shows a difference in his style a metamorphosis of growth of some sort in the virtuoso art of drawing highlighted by Picasso.

Later in his career, Picasso was known to be fond of his pets a factor that saw him develop a number of art pieces mostly drawing of pets or animals he found interesting for instance camels as well as penguins. However, an analysis of his work shows differentiation in his sketches.